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Get your business the VA it deserves!

At Burd Marketing we understand how important it is for business owners to delegate and delegate right. When it comes to marketing, being able to have a pulse on new trends is of utmost importance.

Our skilled team not only take that burden off your head but also ensures the job done is of extremely high quality. Whether you need-social media, admin, e-commerce, we can accomplish that and more.

1. Social Media VA

Manage your social media accounts with the help of our specialized social media virtual assistants. With the help of our Virtual Assistants you can curate, poste and engage with your customers on social media without actually having to do the work

2. Virtual Admin Assistant

When you hire an Admin Virtual Assistant at Burd Marketing you hire an expert. Whether you need help with managing back office, administrative tasks or more, our Virtual Assistant is at your service.

3. eCommerce VA

We understand how hard it is to keep an e-commerce business running smoothly. Every e-commerce business has to consider several factors to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

4. VA Marketing Assistant

Having a skilled Virtual Assistant to help with your marketing needs will not only allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business, but will ensure also your marketing is competitor ready. With so much off your plate, you can now concentrate on achieving results within other areas of your business.

5. General Virtual Assistant

Burd Marketing is extremely passionate about working with businesses to create an impact while reducing the burden on business owners.