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Joomla Web Development Service

Our expert designers and developers are extremely skilled at delivering websites of any complexity with varied features and customisations based on the requirement of the client. When creating websites on Joomla, we guarantee our clients a seamless configuration of features and appropriate 3rd party extensions wherever required.

Why choose Joomla?

  1. Fast, lean and secure
    • Joomla can be customised to client requirements while requiring less coding. This would basically mean there would be less hassle involved in terms of maintaining your website in the future.
  2. Easy to customise
    • As opposed to other CMS platforms, Joomla is less complex and more cost effective to build and manage.
  3. Flexibility
    • With Joomla, the architecture of the website is extendible and several new components can be built and added to the back end without affecting what already exists. This basically means all client requirements can be incorporated at several stages of the website build.
  4. Website size
    • There is no restriction on Joomla when it comes to the size of the website that our clients wish to build. The platform allows for any and every website size and type to be built.

The Burd Marketing Touch

When you come to us to build a website on Joomla, this is what you can expect:

  1. Exceptional Customer Experience
    • We work around the needs and requirement of our clients and only offer them the best that there is.
  2. Quality Deliverables
    • Our team of experts keep at it when it comes to developing websites. There is no start or finish, our projects are always a work in progress until our client is happy with the end result.
  3. Expert Advice
    • Since our team is extremely well versed with building websites on Joomla, we provide our clients with expert advice that will cater to creating a website that works best for their business needs.
  4. Transparency
    • We work very closely with our clients to tweak our website build as per their business needs and requirements. We take inputs and make changes along the way.